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WMS Rescue & Recovery – from national warranty provider WMS Group – is the latest addition to the company’s expanding portfolio and offers a range of premium vehicle breakdown services and benefits to retailers and consumers.

It follows six months of development and is now operating via a national network of the highest-calibre approved vehicle recovery operators (VROs), with an aggregate fleet of more 3,000 recovery vehicles comprising regular and specialist equipment.

Investment from the parent company included the development of its dedicated Leeds-based contact centre, recruitment of technically trained operator staff and advanced electronic systems linking directly into the VROs’ systems.

The premium products include cover for misfuelling, key assist and flat tyre assist as standard, with no callout charges or additional fees. But the main difference, says WMS Group, will lie in the commitment to delivering a consistently outstanding customer service.

WMS Rescue & Recovery is spearheaded by head of operations Rajiv Kapoor. He is the former head of UK operations for DHL Courier Services, where he oversaw 400 contact centre staff, and former head of operations for a Cambridgeshire-based vehicle recovery firm.

Rajiv explains..
“So why choose WMS Rescue & Recovery I hear you ask? Well we understand how important it is for you to be back on the road as quickly and safely as possible should the unforeseen happen!”

WMS Rescue and Recovery have developed a benefits package specifically designed for the needs of the modern motorist at a cost that is affordable.

“Included in this package are your standard benefits that you would expect from any rescue and recovery service, such as 24/7 support and service but with WMS Rescue and Recovery you get so much more Included as standard. You certainly do…. Added the wrong fuel? Not to worry. Misfuelling assistance is standard with WMS. Have a flat tyre but no spare? That’s fine. Spare wheel support is Included with WMS. Lost your keys? Not a problem. WMS provides Key Assist at no extra cost”

We pride ourselves on the points below….

  • Our Ethos: It’s the Customer that comes First, NOT the car.
  • Our separate network of Auto Locksmiths and Misfuelling Engineers.
  • Our current statistics on repairs and roadside recovery, which we make available.
  • Why this is the ultimate package where everything is handled by a dedicated CSA.

“Our VRO rates are and always will be competitive and we make sure that our VRO’s are paid within 48 hours of receiving their invoice.”

Registered office:
The WMS Group Ltd,
Oxford House, Oxford Road,
Thame, Oxon OX9 2AH

Tel: 0113 487 8720

The WMS Group

The WMS Group are one of the top three providers of extended automotive warranties and associated products, with a national network of vehicle dealerships across the UK.

WMS Rescue & Recovery was established with one main goal in mind. To revolutionise the way warranty customers are treated within the recovery business.