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WMS Rescue & Recovery moves into new UK based premises.


Yesterday on the 10th September we marked a huge milestone for WMS Rescue & Recovery, as we moved into our new bespoke control centre based in Leeds.

The day was a fantastic success and attended by many of the guys and girls from throughout the WMS family.

The new offices were officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Graham Latty and the Town Mayor of Morley, Cllr Roger Bell and broadcasted by local television channel Yorkshire live.

Lord Mayor of Leeds, Cllr Graham Latty and the Town Mayor of Morley, Cllr Roger Bell Opening the new WMS Rescue & Recovery Offices.

This is a huge achievement made by the team at WMS Rescue & Recovery, which was only launched in January of this year. Now only Nine months on from our product launch the business has seen rapid growth in customers with thousands of motorists now enjoying the benefits and piece of mind that WMS Rescue & Recovery now gives them. As a result, the company has had to invest in more staff to handle the demands that this rapid growth has caused and still maintain the high levels of customer service that WMS Rescue & Recovery pride themselves on.

Along with the product now being available to purchase online via the company website and through the top four comparison websites, the rising growth of WMS Rescue & Recovery does not look set to slowing down anytime soon.

So, what makes WMS Rescue & Recovery different to the other vehicle breakdown providers that are available? This can be easily explained by Head of Operations at WMS Rescue & Recovery, Rajiv Kapoor who we spoke to at the exciting launch yesterday.

Rajiv commented: “Our priority has always been Customer Safety. We will ensure that the driver and their passengers are in a safe location away from the road, while also considering any medical conditions and arranging help where required. Following that, our mechanically trained call handlers will be able to obtain the exact cause of the failure by asking the customer a series of questions. This enables us to send the right vehicle and equipment from our approved VRO network, therefore minimising downtime and inconvenience for the customer.”

“WMS Rescue & Recovery is a game changer. We have created this product from the ground up to ensure that it exceeds our customer expectations at every single stage. From the point of purchase to making a callout and extending to renewal, our mission is to ensure that each of our customers receive only the best possible care, and that they are returned to the road as quickly and safely as possible.”

At current, WMS Rescue & Recovery provide a single premium product, but this product offers a wide range of additional benefits that are not provided by other vehicle breakdown organisations, including Unlimited Callouts, Misfuelling, Key Assist, European cover and spare wheel cover as standard.

Even though WMS Rescue & Recovery only offer a single product at current, plans are in motion for new products to be launched later this year.

Customer satisfaction is key for WMS Rescue & Recovery, even during a busy summer period WMS Rescue & Recovery have managed to maintain an excellent Trust Pilot rating of 5 Stars with many great comments highlighting individual members of the team.

We shall leave the last words to Rajiv.
“What a fantastic day! I´m so proud of this team. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone in to making this move as painless as possible” “With such great staff working alongside me I know the future is going to be very exciting”

“As we say. Relax we´ve got you covered”

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